What is GIS?

Making Sense of Data

We understand that most critical decisions can only be possible if the correct information is visualized and analyzed. The Geographic Information System or GIS, is a specific information system applied to geographic data and is mainly referred to as a system of hardware, software, personnel and procedures designed to support capture, manage, manipulate, analyze, model and display of spatially referenced data for solving complex planning and management problems.

What We Are

Dedicated Visualization Partner

Employing GIS will allow you to Delight in Data. Gone are the days when retrieving important documents meant searching in piles of floor to ceiling paper. RCTSS integrates your data to visual geographic references to create a powerful visualization tool in aid of management planning and informed decision making.

Our GIS specialists can assist you in acquiring, processing, digitizing, analyzing and visually “make sense” of data. We employ the latest technology in data gathering governed by the strictest standards of precision in geo-referencing. Our IT partners and team of architects, civil engineers, geodetic engineers and geographers ensure that the system are reliable and at par with industry standards. All these are available in highly customizable, cost-efficient packages.

What We Believe

Principles of Visualization
Quality Data

A GIS is only as good as the integrated data, critical of which is the tagging of data on geographic locations. That is why we make it a point to use only industry grade precision instruments in conducting property survey prior to data integration. Our GPS units, ground scanners, echo sounders and lidar capabilities are at your disposal. Twenty (20) years of experience in professional survey works ensure that our survey engineers and seasoned instrument men will produce technically precise results all the time.

Cost Efficient

RCTSS GIS believes that this system should be a development tool that is available to all. As such, our packages are designed to be highly customizable according to your needs and budget, with standard value added services thrown in for your consideration. We are currently working to introduce the CadCorp SIS family of GIS software in the Philippines to provide a formidable set of software that will not financially over burden your organization. More importantly, we invest in training our GIS specialists so they can create your system efficiently, bringing down costs associated with mistakes and delays.

Dependable Analysis

Now that you have your data geographically referenced, you are now ready to create reports for your accounting, maintenance, human resources division and marketing. Our partnership with Synfinite Group provides dependable database and reporting systems. The Synfinite Group can also host and develop your very own website that includes the visualize data. They have also developed business systems for accounting and human resources that can be interfaced with your visualized data in the future.

Who We Are

RCTSS Service Menu

GIS Project Design and Planning

As your GIS partner we can help you identify possible GIS applications to provide solutions to some of your pressing information management needs. We will also help you in planning the implementation of your GIS project. Some key result areas for this service are:

  • Over-all project planning and management
  • Database design and analysis
  • Event management of users training
  • Acquisition and installation of hardware and software
  • Processing of available data and roll out of the system for everyday useably

Customized GIS Application Systems

In order to better appreciate your data, our team can customize Manifold or your preferred software. Allow us to create you a system that will turn your map into a customized visualization tool. Your customized GIS application system will include features such as:

  • Search Queries
  • Report Generation
  • Data Update
  • Automatic Warning System
  • simple accounting features
  • Company Branding

GIS Users Training

Our current GIS trainings are for Manifold and ArcGIS. These are intensive, five day courses intended to introduce basic GIS ideas and processes. The courses are designed to accommodate students with no background in GIS. These trainings can be availed exclusive of any projects. By 2012, we will be able to provide users training for CadCorp SIS family of GIS software.

Field Work and Data Gathering

RCTSS GIS can also assist your organization in gathering needed data for your existing or future GIS. We can mobilize survey teams equipped with handheld or base and rover system GPS devices. Other types of field work include:

    All types of survey works (as-built, topographic, hydro, structural, etc)

  • Socio-economic profiling and survey
  • Property photography
  • Secondary and tertiary road network identification

Map and Data Processing

We can also help you in generating different maps from available data, digitizing existing maps and processing of your data prior to integration with your existing software.

  • Overlay land parcels on aerial photo or satellite image
  • Create road network and building foot prints
  • Create road network and building foot prints
  • Create maps to display administrative boundaries
  • Create land use or zone maps
  • Generate 3D terrain model for planning and engineering purposes

Areas of Development

On its 20th year, RCTSS is positioning itseld to become the preferred GIS-based solutions service provider in the country in the fields of local government unit (LGU) revenue generation, tourism, utilities and property management and multi-outlet business management. Our GIS specialists are assisting organizations acquire, process, analyze and spatially “make sense” of data. We employ the latest technology in data gathering governed by the strictest standards of precision in georeferencing. Our IT partners and team of architects, civil engineers, geodetic engineers, geographers and local government administration consultants ensure that the systems are reliable and at par with industry standards. All these in highly customizable, cost-efficient packages, ensuring that you will always Delight in Data.

LGU Revenue Generation

A strong and financially capable local government leadership is a government that is responsive to the needs of their constituents and necessary for the delivery of basic services. The PROSPERITY GIS is being developed to be a low-cost and flexible GIS-based solution aimed at supporting LGUs in revenue generation by improving collection of: Real property taxes Market stall rentals Outstanding loans

Asset Management

Multi-million pesos investments in utilities and assets need to be monitored and routinely checked. RCTSS understands, that a timely maintenance and regular monitoring of assets can be critical to your business operation, The DEFEND GIS is poised to be an accurate and cost-efficient property management solution in protecting and accounting of assets and utilities. Can pinpoint assets buried in the ground or underwater Able to locate items as small as a one peso coin Interfaceable with bar code scanners and RF devices Key market: Electric cooperatives, water districts, dams, commercial malls, water treatment plants, hospitals, property developers and managers.

Multi-Asset Business Management

For organizations with multi-site point of sales or assets leased to business partners, the EXPANSE GIS is dependable visualization partner for location tracking, usage or sales information gathering and market planning. The system is being developed to facilitate: Stock delivery routing Human resource deployment Market behavior research Key market: Equipment rental companies, franchise-based businesses, companies with multiple outlets or kiosks.

Tourism Development

The 7,100 islands of the Philippines promise to offer a rich experience of natural beauty , hospitality and culture. Whether helping tourists find their way in the busy streets of the city, guiding them to a nature throve beyond hills, or providing historical footnotes to a World Heritage Site, EXPLORE GIS puts every data in a web-based map a lonely backpacker can access or a tour guide operator can digest. Stock delivery routing Human resource deployment Market behavior research Key market: Tourism planners in the government and private sector, local government units and tourism based businesses, historical societies and museums.